The FP-FT Series photoelectric control is enclosed in a UV-resistant rain tight polypropylene housing with a 1/2" threaded nipple. All controls are factory calibrated to a 1.0 footcandle (fc) turn-on. The shutter allows field adjustment of turn-on.

The FP-SFT Series photoelectric control incorporates a swivel mounting for positioning flexibility. All other design features and ratings are identical to the FP-FT Series control described above.

The FP-FT/FP-SFT Series spec-grade, conduit mounted controls are designed for safety and security lighting of walkways, entrances, parking lots, farmyards, recreational and public areas. These highly reliable controls are ideal for protective lighting in schools, malls, commercial and industrial buildings. To ensure proper switching, the FP-SFT swivel unit permits adjustment away from highly lit areas where the control might 'see' light from adjacent fixtures.

Photocell: 1.0 inch cadmium sulfide (CdS) surface passivated.
Switch Type: SPST-NC (single pole, single throw, normally closed) bimetallic switch.
Housing: UV resistant polypropylene - grey
Nipple: 1/2" - 14 thread; 5/8" long; fits 1/2" stripped
Leads: 6" long; color coded; 105°C wire, 1/2" stripped
Turn-On: 1 to 5 footcandles (fc). Field ajustable using the sliding shutter.
Turn-Off: 3 to 15 footcandles (fc).
Time Delay: 30 seconds minimum
Rated Life: 5000 operations minimum at rated load
Temperature Range: -40° to +70°C; -40° to +140°F
FP-FT Series: 3.60"L; 2.05"W; 1.4"D
FP-SFT Series: 6.00"L; 2.05"W; 1.4"D
Model Line Voltage Load Rating
Tungsten HID Ballast
FP-FT15 120V 2000W 1000VA
FP-FT168 208-277V 2000W 1000VA
FP-FT19 480V 2000W 1000VA
FP-SFT15 120V 2000W 1000VA
FP-SFT168 208-277V 2000W 1000VA
FP-SFT19 480V 2000W 1000VA